A 10 Year Old’s Perspective On Birding

Here is Raymond Mugumya a young birder and vice chairperson of the young birders association. In my quest to know a young birders mind on the hobby, i had a Q and A session which i have shared below;

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Raymond Mugumya, I am 10 years old, I am in primary five at Hillside primary school Naalya.

I am the vice chairperson of the young birders association

What is birding?

Birding is the observation of birds in their natural habits as a hobby

What makes up the young birders association?

It is a group of young birders who are led by the chairperson, vice, secretary and the vice. We are only ten birders in the association so far.

How did you choose the leaders?

We had a competition in 2016, the 1st person became the chairperson, 2nd, 3rd and 4th became vice chairperson, secretary and vice secretary

I scored 95% which was the second highest and the chairperson scored 97%

What was the completion about?

It was about drawing and coloring the birds that you have ever seen

When and how did you start birding?

My father is a tourist guide, so in 2016, he invited me and my brother to go with him and it was a very beautiful experience for us. We met Egbert and other children and started the birding association.

What has been your experience as a birder like?

Birding is full of fun. You also become friends with the birds.

What do you need to have while going for birding?

A pair of binoculars, snacks, and a telescope

When do you go birding?

On weekends and during holidays, Uncle Herbert the chairperson of the birding association in Uganda asks our parents to bring us whenever there is a birding trip.

What do you think people do not know about birds?

People think that birds sing but they call instead, they make calls.

Tell me about 5 Bird species and a unique thing about them?

  • Crowned eagle, it has a crown. It is rare, it is found in Mabira forest and other thick forests.
  • Hadada Ibis it probes the soil and whatever it pulls out, it eats.
  • The African fish Eagle, it lives around large water bodies. It hunts down fish and has strong sight.
  • Grey heron, it is grey, its head is colored white, and it lives around water bodies, feeds on fish snakes and frogs.
  • Goriath Heron, It is the largest heron in the world, it is found around large water bodies. It stands still in water for hours until fish comes next to it.

Does birding affect your school life in any way?

I tend to look up the skies all the time mostly on assembly because our school has many Green kestrel

My knowledge of birds in science also helps me pass the subject highly.

How are you able to know all these species in your head?

I keep noting down any new bird I learn down, like whenever am at home or at school and I see different species of birds I check them up in the East African birds book.

Which is the best place to see birds from?

In forests and river banks

What is the best time to watch birds?

Very early in the morning because when the sun comes out, you miss the birds.

What are the benefits of being a birder?

It feels good to know the birds, their names and species

Do you get money from being a birder?

Not really but sometimes you can get a bird right or a bird that no one knows about and the big birders will give you some money. Like one time I got the gold breasted waxbill right and they were impressed and gave me money.

How did u use this money?

I saved it and bought a binocular.

What are your future plans?

I want to be serious about birding and have all the birds and their colors in my head.

What challenges do you face as a birder?

You get tired when the strong sun comes out or sometimes I miss a bird because I have not moved with the East African birds book

You must know all the common birds, by going to places where they are

What can you tell people about birding?

I call upon all of them to join birding, because its fun and they will have a wonderful experience

How can birding be made popular?

Getting them interested by talking about birding on televisions, radios and newspapers

Quick notes

Parents-Martin Ngabirano and Diana Ninsiima

Best subject-Social studies


Best color –Green

Hobbies-Spotting birds

Best dish-Chips

Best artist- Ziza Bafana

Movie-Finding Dori

Dream career- Tour guide

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Photos by; Mazing photography



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