A Blend Of Colors For Men’s Suits

Colors have taken a new twist in the 21st century. In the olden days, there were colors specifically meant for the gentlemen and for the ladies. Gone are the days when colors like pink, light blue, peach, cream, white among others were for ladies and black, brown , purple or dark colors for the boys.


Call it a color revolution because men of late put on all sorts of colored suits but more especially for those that have explored the inner depth of fashion.

Over time men have changed from putting on black suits to grey , to maroon ,purple and now to pink and light blue. Due to the dynamics in this 21st century, people look out for trends and make an effort to match them according to the event’s nature and setting.

Lately there are a lot of themed parties with colors like; white, Gold, Red, Loyal Blue; Black among others however let me talk more about blending these colors.

One thing that you should put in mind is to avoid putting on very many colors all together so that you don’t look decorated, be conscious of the color tone and shade so that they can easily blend. A yellow shirt on a maroon suit, are some of the un-ethical blends you can do in the fashion world.

For someone who is starting to embrace colors, keep in mind that black is a universal color in Fashion. Any colored shirt can match and look good in a black suit , a black shirt will look good on any colored suit .When you have the “Rhythm”, you simply have it all.

For those already brave enough to embrace colors keep in mind that there must be a cooler shade in your outfit. Do not put a yellow shirt in a green suit, but you can have a white shirt or a light green shirt in a green suit.

Matching a deep colored suit with a lighter shirt works so well, like having a lighter purple shirt for a purple suit.

Here is a list of my favorite color combinations that will make you look legit, taking note of the color shades from dark to light; black and white, grey and black, navy blue and light blue, red and pink.

For now, let’s Rock this Color Revolution Gents!!!!!


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