Celebrating World Radio Day With Patricia Osman

Today, we celebrate world radio day with a brief profile of a radio news anchor, reporter and producer; Patricia Osman.

Patricia Osman in Capital Fm studios

Patricia Osman in Capital Fm studios

Patricia Osman is a news anchor and editor at Capital Fm. she is also the producer for the hit show in the country, the capital Gang, a political show that airs on Saturday.

Patricia worked as a news reporter and anchor at KFM before joining her current work station, Capital Fm.

Apart from enjoying the charisma in her voice as she eloquently reads news every day, very few people know the personality behind the voice.

Patricia Osman in Capital Fm studios

Patricia is a very passionate radio journalist. The worst experience she has had in her radio career was when she killed a story because her major source who is a minister in the government asked for sex in exchange for information.

Patricia Osman in Capital Fm studios

She also runs a fashion house and a modeling agency called Zulu consultants Ltd. She loves listening to music and hanging out with friends and family.

Patricia Osman is a caring and free spirited soul.

Patricia Osman in Capital Fm studios

Patricia Osman in Capital Fm studios

Radio Invention

In 1894, Guglielmo Marconi   an Italian proved to be the first engineer to successfully transmit a radio system. He held the patent radio rights after establishing a radio station on the Isle of Wight, England.

He opened his “wireless” factory in the former silk-works at Hall Street, Chelmsford, England in 1898. He majorly commercialized radio and its equipment into the global business

Radio in Uganda

In Uganda, the first radio station (Radio Uganda) was started in 1953. It was the only radio station Uganda had until 1992 when radio was commercialized. Sanyu Fm became the first privately owned radio station and Capital Fm was started two weeks after Sanyu Fm.

At that time, Sanyu Fm focused on entertainment while Capital Fm focused on the mature/older demographics thus introducing shows like Desert Island Discs and the capital gang that were popular.

The two station brought a foreign touch of music in different genres from across the world. DJs at that time became more popular than cabinet ministers.

20 years of FM radio stations in Uganda

Today, Uganda Communications Commission has licensed over one hundred radio stations. With the internet age today comes online radio stations like one run by the 2016 presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi and Dave Dash, an advocate for a drug free life among many others.


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