Fashion Suicide

Arnold Asasira a renown fashion enthusiast is our official fashion blogger. He will be taking you on this journey to discover your fashion sense in the most interesting ways. He starts with this simple piece about the obvious ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ for the girls……Enjoy the ride…..Cheers

Here are some of my expectations for ladies. Looking attractive especially on dates is key because trust me ,as a lady you wouldn’t want a guy to think twice about you,  It’s important to sweep him off his feet with a collective look. Sum it up with simple jewelry and mild make up to give the guy an opportunity to know you and appreciate you in your natural element. Not forgetting that too much make up can be a turn off.

A pair of exquisite high heeled shoes come off with a certain class attached to it; a lady in heels makes a bold statement than one in flat shoes.

Wearing colored hair like yellow, pink, Blue etc could get you judged. Go for a mild perfume, you do not want to accelerate your date’s allergies and ruin his or her date

For a night out, as a lady I would expect you to slay with whatever makes you look hot as long as you don’t forget the basics. The basics here are some make up and perfume matched with a simple outfit. The idea of a night out should not be to over dress yourself. Pull off a simple and chic look.

Sundays are known to be days for resting and relaxing so all you need to do is look relaxed. Pull out those long butterfly dresses that have a fine light material, the little ones, shorts, hot pants. Also be mindful not to stumble people in church because you want to be stylish

Light clothes are ideal for a journey mostly while using public means of transport. Keeping in mind that tight clothes are not healthy on a journey.  Simple things like a handkerchief and tissue are a must have.

I will be writing about simple fashion basics for men soon

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