Hey, I Am Really Glad You and I Made It To 2019!

2018 was a great one and I am hopeful that 2019 will be even greater. As we http://mazing256.com wait to celebrate our 1st birthday I really felt I should share with you some things that  I will not give up in 2019 and hopefully you should not give up either.

You must be wondering why am picking up on this now but here is why; often times we voluntarily or involuntarily give up so much and end up drained. We deprive our selves of the freedom to live, the peace of mind, the truest of love, the positive vibes, the joys in every season life brings to us, the opportunity to glow and grow among so many others to our surroundings( Friendships, family, career, relationships, responsibilities).

So as I remind you that the biggest asset is you; invest in yourself, the truest love is you; pour everything beautiful into your life and don’t ever fear coming off as selfish because a fulfilled you will over flow onto everyone around you in every way positive and besides to impress, please or love man(people) can be way too expensive.

Needless to say that none of the things am about to list below is new yet it is still such a huge challenge which is why I I have decided to re echo them.

  1. Independence
  2. Happiness
  3. Dreams/Goals
  4. Self respect
  5. Beliefs
  6. Friends and family
  7. Privacy
  8. Identity
  9. Ability to make decisions

I decided not to expound on any of these so I can let you think deeper and expound more on  each one of them individually without having to add my opinion to any.

So 2019 is for;

What fulfills you

What helps you grow and

Your sense of purpose

Happy 2019


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  1. My name is Wanjohi Patrick Babu, I am a great fan especially after going through your work. Keep up the good work

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