Honey + Lemon+ Cinnamon Skin Mask

Hey fam, how are you holding on?

I am positive and confident that everything will get back to normal sooner than you imagine. Continue to focus on the little joys in this season. Of late I busk in so much joy when I successfully emulate a favourite restaurant dish and a simple skin mask like I am about to share. it is things like this that are keeping me going.

Before I get off the point, today I got some time to share a skincare mask that I tried some time back that you might get interested in too and I know that there is no better time to share such helpful information like this

So let’s go;

This is a honey, lemon and cinnamon mask, all ingredients are in your kitchen. This is when I tell you a little more on how I actually did this in the kitchen as I prepped a meal.

Get 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, pay attention to the kind that I am using but if you have the real organic one, that is even fantastic.

Add 2 spoons of organic honey, the manufactured honey is also okay, it is just that organic is extra. Add 1/2 a slice of lemon juice. Mix them well and apply onto skin and neck (I hope you know why the neck should not be forgotten)

After about 15-20minutes, massage the skin with a slice of lemon and then gently wash off everything with warm water.

Pat face dry and apply some lemon juice to your skin. This will give you some irritation because the lemon is now applied to open skin pores.

Leave this for some time, you can do some home chores or anything like that and wash off later. I normally wash off like an hour later.

After this, I applied a moisturizer, like a coconut oil. You can add any moisturizer but because I am a huge fan of coconut oil, I use this Body shop body and hair oil

This leaves your skin extra clean and helps it rest from the daily dust and makeup. I do this like once in a month because I have never been a makeup person so there is not so much.

In case you try this mask, let me know how it goes and remember to share other simple masks that I should try.

Thank you for passing by!


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