It’s A Girls Trip, It’s A Road Trip, It’s A Weekend Away!

Hey there! It’s great to be here again.

I have started on this note because it has taken me almost forever to regain this blog from an online hacker. I almost thought of giving up on this blog.

A hacker has been riding on something built and received with passion but this post right now signifies victory.

During the hack situation, I decided not to upload any posts because I did not want to get the audience confused between what post is authentic and scam.

Thanks to all of you that reached out with concern about the strange posts. Also, my apologies to the readers who have been wondering because of some weird posts on the blog.

However, not all was bad and during this period, my besties and I took a road trip 409.8 km away to Africa’s 2nd deepest lake (L. Bunyonyi) in South Western Uganda.

It was such a great girl’s trip, we camped at Hawk’s eye for two days. This place is not just perfect for a girl’s trip but all other trips like team building, family vacays, bae-cation etc.

We had a chilled time all through, had plenty of games, bonding moments at the hammock, campfire stories, wine and games, great food with an a la carte menu, great customer care and service, self-contained , spacious and executive sleeping tents with great room service, a view to die for, boat cruise, zip lining, nature walks and literally everything you would need in a gate-away.

What we had at Hawk’s Eye-Lake Bunyonyi is to hold onto for some time. In fact, I couldn’t find the right way to summarize the two days but my best travel partners; Mary and Saphyra share a little bit of it below:


Well, Kabale trip tops as one of my best moments, the whole experience was awesome, the journey, the sleeping mainly because we slept in the same bed, then the quiet, the breeze, and mostly being surrounded by most favourite people in the world, my best friends, I would kill for days like those.

In fact, I have not recovered.


I enjoyed the journey(s), I enjoyed being away from a lot of noise, mosquitoes, heat, dirt in Kampala. I enjoyed the peace of the quiet, the views.

I am a lover of nature, looking at the green never gets old for me. The food was great Generally, I loved that you girls came, I couldn’t believe I was there with you. It has always been my dream.

I wished we had more time to take those walks and the boat anyway.

What can I add to that?

Most of my friends have been asking about the offers and costs at Hawk’s eye Lodge and here are some of them;

  • Bed and breakfast USD 70$
  • Food ranges between USD 8-16
  • Wines range between USD 21- 40
  • Boat cruise USD 30- 40 per group
  • Canoe Trekking USD 10 per person
  • Ziplining
  • Games (Chess, darts, cards, Ludo, scrabble, volleyball court, canoeing among others)
  • Chilled environment for perfect unwinding.
  • Campfire
  • Nature walks and Hikes Among very many others

We also visited the Great Lakes Museum. It is such a great place with rich history and information about the Great Lakes people, culture among others.

It was such a great road/girls trip, a weekend gate-away. Cheers to many more of these.

Let me know of any inquiry about the trip, the destination or any other thing you need to know. Also, in case you have any information on how to prevent online sites from hackers

Thank you for stopping by

Follow the link for the full trip gallery;


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  1. This is too sweet… great people great ideas @ Marry @ Saphira @ Anita
    Hope to have more and this is how to start
    Quick one: Do you allow people to join you or you want to encourage people do what you do ?

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