Its a Year Already!

After about a month of prepping and putting everything together, the blog was published on this day one year ago. It was such an exciting Sunday for me to read my first articles online and on a blog that I author.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Now to think that we have been here for a year and have grown this much is exceptional.

I was holding a graphic that I used to announce the launch of the blog on various social media platforms on 14th Jan 2018 and that is how we got started

Its been a year of growth, creativity, communication, rich and constructive conversations and I could not ask for a better audience because you have been so loyal at not only checking out this blog but being generous with your feedback.

This blog has become a huge part of me and such an inspiration, my own stories  encourage and fill me up. It has served me and held me accountable in many ways.

A screenshot of the five most read articles on the blog as of today

I constantly battle with whether I am sharing a lot of personal stuff on the internet or if “real” is what gets us all going and then understanding why the stories with my personal touch are responded to the most.  Connecting with you has been such a real journey indeed.

As we celebrate our first birthday, welcome this addition which is a new segment that will have devotional material.

The kind of stuff that you read and meditate on and so you need to check out the first article if you have not already.

Much as I would have loved a dinner or a meet and greet with the blog readers for our first birthday I realized it was not compatible with our demographics differences; according to the analytics we have readers from over ten countries but also because having big parties is such a night mare for me (I guess it comes with my personality). Nevertheless, the new addition serves us all well.

A section of the blog interface, on the menu bar is the “Devotional” section that has just been added

It would be crazy of me to not give a special shout out to the person that helped orchestrate this blog. Thank you Denis Ssenkungu for giving off your talent, skill, effort and time to see this blog up and working. I remember how you dedicated days and nights to produce this on time.

Special thanks to Dr. Benedict Akimana, a day one supporter of this dream, he edited the first article, blog name and still edits most of the stories, he is the reader that keeps on asking me to write more, needless to say that he reads every published article and gives feedback. He has not only offered his content but is also a credible source for the blog.

Thank you guys!                                                                                                                                                                                                  Its been a minute and its been progress


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  1. Excellent presentation. If I could read this article with zero grammatical error, yet the dailies with paid writers and editors emerge with hundreds of them, I am left with not only tipping my hat in salute but also tipping my heart in love. No this is with feelings attached, I love your blog.

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