Let Love find you

A weekend after my 1st university graduation I strolled down to the church building in time for the 5 pm service on a Saturday….

A weekend after my Fiance’s birthday, he sat outside the church veranda waiting for his friends after a day-long leadership conference….

As I walked down my eyes were met by a welcoming smile from a familiar face seated on a veranda. I reached out for the hug and joined him on the veranda.

We had met twice while he visited/supervised my cell/midweek fellowship group but the most we knew about each other was our English names.

This time we chatted like we had known each other for long. There was an instant connection right on that veranda. We had such a deep introspective conversation and later on shared contacts.

We talked on the phone later that day for an hour!…..We or I was smitten!

We had numerous date nights later on. We always looked/lookout for these times when we can have more introspective conversations.

Two months later, on one of those beautiful evenings, he invited me to his home, we stood at the rooftop balcony, wrapped in his arms as we watched the sunset go down with a beautiful view of the city, we started to share about our visions, dreams and goals. He opened his phone and started reading to me his vision and goals for 2019 and for his life in detail.

When he finished he closed his phone, looked me in the eyes and asked me to be part of this vision. “J, WILL YOU BE A PART OF MY VISION….” of course I Said YES!

I won’t describe what I felt in that moment for purposes of keeping this as brief as possible but together we embarked on a beautiful journey of nothing else but love in all its purest form.

I am sharing this with you not because I just want you to enjoy my storytelling skill of a beautiful love story but to assure you that the love you imagine exists in ways you cannot even comprehend if you let it find you.

I just didn’t mention that before this beautiful experience of my life I had painfully and religiously held onto a failed relationship for about 18 months.

For this long, I held onto the idea of maybe it will work, maybe I need to be patient, maybe I am asking and expecting too much, maybe we can work it out, maybe fighting and holding onto this is what makes a relationship successful, how can I tell my friends or the people that know us that I failed, this relationship is almost two years, If I let it go, I will have wasted all this time, what if he is the one and this is a test, the idea that I always wanted to marry my first boyfriend clung into my head, among so many others.

I had 1000 wrong reasons to hold onto this relationship.

All I needed was the courage to leave a table where I was not served what I deserved.

The moment and day I made this move, I found safety, I got wings and I love myself even more. This was more than my actual bargain.

Someone is praying for exactly you. I wish you this and more but mostly I wish you the courage to move from the table that is not serving you to the one that honours and appreciates your presence.

I wish and send you love!

This title was inspired by a song that we have been listening to lately; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShnOs8CfNMg

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7 Replies to “Let Love find you”

  1. Aawwww wow its such an amazing story so touching …and above all i like this line of “all i needed was the courage to leave the table where i was not served wat i deserved “

  2. This is indeed a beautiful love story J.
    I’m happy for you and glad your love finally Found you.
    Im supper happy for what the future has in store for you.


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