Moving From Success to Significance: 22 – 23

It’s been real quiet here. Most of you have reached out to me about the silence and  it has been humbling to know that while I sit down here and write, someone on the other side is waiting to connect with me.

While I understand the need to constantly publish content here, I am aware that I cannot give you what I do not have.
So expect me to always take a few breaks to feed so I can over flow on these streets. My aim at the end is to have a real audience, even if it means having just two people who are real and can relate with me.

While in this feeding season, I was privileged to add a year of knowledge and so today I came here so we can chit chat about some of the lessons from 22 to 23

I so much desired to be away on my birthday, so far from the madding crowd, I wanted to chill, I wanted to rest, I wanted to sleep, I wanted to reflect, unwind and re-focus my life for the years ahead.

I did not get that but I surely was away from the madding crowd, I was not chilling and
unwinding but I was somewhere so deep and most importantly I was living my purpose. (Going to the broken, the hurting and the most vulnerable)

I am grateful that the two most important days of my life found a common place, which is the day I was born and the day I found my purpose for living.

I truly did not get lots of pampering and treats but I felt so fulfilled and well accountable to the life God entrusted me with.

At 23, I feel satisfied of the journey am on, I feel the move and the process to a fuller life. Sometimes I have won while other times I have had to just learn. The most difficult seasons and times in my life have come from very bitter pills but from these have also come the virtues of patience and endurance.I have come to understand that one or two friends who are real in my life are way better than just a cool squad.

I have come to understand that real love cannot co-exist with ego therefore; I have had to deal with my ego, to let it out so that pure love can have a place in my heart.

I have embraced wearing my most natural element with so much grace, ease and confidence. It’s been a journey and it still is.

I am now leaning in on how to give away my most important resource at the moment which is my time. For the past years I have been so busy being busy and this has not only disconnected me from myself but also from the people that matter.

While I was reflecting, I realized how I have so much time on my hands which could benefit one or two people at this moment in my life when I am neither a mother, a wife, a grounded daughter nor in a serious/demanding courtship.

I am dedicated to do more mentoring and to be mentored, more heart to heart conversations and more bonding moments irrespective of who you are, all I need is a right motive.At the end of the day I want to tell you that whoever you really are, it’s okay to be that person, its okay to be in that place right now and you don’t have to put it up for a vote because perfect is overrated.

I want to tell you that people that care about you are going nowhere, so you can go ahead and let those who leave to go.

I want to ask you to be more intentional about living so that you and I can continue to evolve fully and in the most fulfilling ways.

I will be waiting to tell you that your life might be the only bible someone ever reads so again, be intentional about life.

I will be waiting to remind you that what you write on people’s hearts is way important than what is written on your tombstone.I want you to hold your hands even tighter and tell yourself “Girl/Boy I love walking with you, I love holding yours hands, I love this journey and am proud of the way you wear imperfection”
The journey that starts with self love ends with selflessness

If you have read to the end, cheers!

I will also be waiting to connect with you!



22 Replies to “Moving From Success to Significance: 22 – 23”

  1. Embracing the journey of life and impacting one another through our callings is the real deal
    Big up
    Happy 23

  2. It’s a blessing to be as introspective and self-aware as you are at 23! May your 23rd be filled with deeper and more intimate experiences with God, and ultimately, with yourself. May your sense of fulfillment ever be soaring.

  3. At one point I thought you had decided to close this site. I tried more than five times to check but it was off. Thanks for the beautiful article meanwhile.

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