My “Birding” Story

Until recently, birding could never make it to my list of fun activities. I did not even consider it an activity or even a hobby to anyone until I read about a twelve year old boy whose hobby is birding.

My curiosity always leads me somewhere, and this time to birding. After seeing this boy who knows over 150 species of birds, I determined to meet him, sit him down like I always do so he could tell me about this rare activity and his interest in it.

The journey to get this boy was fruitless. Because he is a Juvenile, I made an appointment to meet him through the mother at Café Pap in Ntinda; I communicated with the mother, an hour to the agreed time, made my way to Ntinda, sat , took coffee and waited for 3 blank hours, they never showed up and the contacts have never gone through to date. (Tales of a journalist)

Anyway that did not stop me, instead I planned to get myself the first hand birding experience, I searched up on the internet and got in touch with the Women birders association.

They gladly notified me the next time they had a birding tour and there I was on in a Costa whose destination was Lake Forest resort Kasenge in Mukono. I truthfully had no expectation apart from seeing everyone on the bus in some birding uniform, with a pair of binoculars talking about the species of birds they were excited to see.

At the time I boarded the Costa, I only knew two people but by time we reached I had made friends with everyone on the journey so it was easy for me to get to the interesting bit, birding.

Before the birding, I should tell you that the place is so beautiful and it is surprisingly man made. The forest, the lake and everything are man made.

First thing we did was to make sure everyone had a pair of binoculars, now this in itself made me happy, I quickly learned how to use and adjust it and there I was swinging with binoculars added on to a camera hanging beautifully on my neck and ready to start my bird watching leisure.

Interestingly we had some three little cute and young birders and with my love for little ones I had already chosen to be the adult in their group and altogether we enjoyed and learned from watching birds.

Here are some facts I learned and found out about birding;

Birds are multi colored which makes them even cuter to look at

There are millions of bird species and so you can never have enough of them

Birding is best done between 6am and midday, before the birds start to look for shelter

Birds are shy (I enjoyed this fact the most)

Birds make calls, they don’t sing

Birds normally harbor in forestry areas

A birder needs a pair of binoculars, a note book, a pen, the East African birds book(bible), a bottle of water and a camera for photography lovers like me.

Birding is not a solo activity; it’s more fun and free when done in a group

Honestly by the time we finished this session, I had a whole different perspective on birding, it’s a fun and educating activity. It since then became a hobby and I fully joined the women birders association so if you wish to join the Uganda birding association so that you keep informed on all the birding trips send an email or comment below.

I also interviewed the three little birders about birding and I will sharing their interviews later.

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