Photo Album Of The Month

Abigail Joyce Lakor, a 6 year old gospel vocalist/artist entertains guests on her Uncle’s graduation
Living in the moment
The Tropical Weather
Making Use of the Selfie Era
How to be An Emirates Pilot For a Day
BFF (Best Friends Forever)  Goals
Humanity seemingly lives in constant need, Satisfaction is a distant cousin to Life
School tales
Talent Identification, Skill development and a little Passion
The Rolex argument
Who wins?
Shades of the season
School is not supposed to be bad after-all
Who said school is bad?
The moves through facial expressions
Living in the moment
The cool friends
Living in the Moment
i Time for Chicken
The only Fauna to make it to the months’s photo album

Hoping that you have enjoyed our photo album of the month, we will be capturing more memories to share with you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Photos: Mazing photography

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8 Replies to “Photo Album Of The Month”

  1. When i look at the Shots,…..Its actually not the Camera, but its who is behind the Camera.
    This is AMAZING, Joan!!!!

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