Quad Biking

Well, I cannot even start to say, all will be said in the photos below;

Finally, I kicked off quad biking from my bucket list.

Of course, I got numerous questions about the place and the cost of quad biking.

This is Jinja at the Nile River Explorers-All Terrain Adventures on the road that goes to Bujagali falls.

It costs 55 USD per person for one hour. It varies with the number of hours you spend riding.

After that, we decided to chill at the Jinja sailing club for some fresh breeze from the Nile.

But what would chilling by the lake be without a whole fish and some wine to drive it down the throat?

Travel is real therapy, a little chess (My new brain game fascination) is like a cherry to an awesome day.

Do not hesitate to tag me in your quad biking moments when you go, Just like I am about to tag you (smiley emoji).

It is as brief as it and I am glad you and I made it to this short piece

So glad you stopped by

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