Street Hawking To A Decent Life

Every evening while on my way from work to school, I would see so many fruits hawkers along Wandegeya street and Yusuf Rule road approaching cars during  peak jam  hours.

I started getting used to seeing them on a daily and I eventually picked interest in knowing more about their business, how it works, how they do it, the benefits and challenges involved.

The idea was to spend a day with one of them on the streets telling their story in a photo series below.

Wilson Kunihira approaches a car and convinces the driver to buy some fruits. This is all that Wilson’s job is about (Approaching cars and convincing them to buy while they wait in traffic).

So I started the search which took quite sometime because no one was willing to trust a photographer asking so many questions. I also learnt that these people are ever on the run away from KCCA officers who mostly disguises themselves to arrest the hawkers easily. and so no one was willing to fall in the same trap with me.

Luckily a friend decided to help me to make this come true and so he was able to convince a one Wilson Kunihira who accepted and had me spend a day with him on the streets.

Briefly Wilson Kunihira is a fruits hawker along wandegeya street and Yusuf Rule road. He capitalizes on fruits like oranges, Lemons, passion fruits but sometime changes to vegetables like Peas depending on the demand.

Wilson has braced the murky waters of street hawking for six years with a lot of positivity, hope and a desire to change his life.

Kunihira whose alias is Obama on the streets was  born and raised in a village called Butuku in Ntoroko district.

With no education and gainful employment, the youthful 27 year old decided to leave the village for the city for a life he was not sure he would survive from.

He starts his day around midday, at this time he checks and ensures that he has enough to sell for the day and also packs the fruits properly in heaps.

Wilson prepares his fruits to sell for the entire day

He then heads out to the streets an hour later to do his usual business, approaching cars in jam and pedestrians.

Wilson’s most selling time starts at 5pm when people are returning home up to around 8pm. He says that he has to make the most of this jam time.

On a good day Wilson makes Ugshs 30,000 to 40,000.

Survived by a wife and three children Kunihira is proud of his ability to care good care of his family . His biggest milestone is building a decent house for his family back in the village from his hawking job.

His biggest challenge however is the interruption by KCCA. “you have to be alert 24/7 so that you are not arrested”. However Wilson continues to embrace the streets with patience, aggressiveness, and perseverance.

By sunset, Wilson has sold most of his fruits and is planning to retire

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  1. Am impressed by yo tenacity to make what was seemingly impossible to a possible kill. With this attitude, …..only hhe sky can limit u Asiimire.

  2. Am impressed by yo tenacity to make what was seemingly impossible to a possible kill. With this attitude, …..only the sky can limit u Asiimire.

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