The Marina Life

The idea of traveling and touring is not only about moving long distances to find that good spot, There are so many breath taking places in the outskirts of the city that you might need to check out for a short breather kind of holiday.

Well, I got a two day retreat to t Nyange resort and Marina which is only 15km off Entebbe high way. It was beyond beautiful and peaceful.

The nights give you not only spacious cottages to rest in but also the sound of the waters and breeze makes it fathomable.


One of the things I loved most was the wood bridge that takes you to the isolated cottage. I simply loved walking on this bridge.


However, my absolute favorite was the boat cruise on Lake Victoria where I was able to meet a stationed sand mining ferry, which is also the biggest Uganda, has. (Something like the titanic)



I cannot forget to talk about how lovely and tasty the food was all through. I cannot exhaust everything Nyange had to offer given the time I was there.

On to the next nearest spot

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