The Year of YES!

Hi, you have made it through a whole 2019!

Its been such a great year, there has been an overflow of blessings. Looking back, I am proud of all the decisions I made for my personal life, career and family,

About three months ago on my birthday 24th birthday, I looked at all the goals I set on my 23rd birthday and I did not just meet all of them, I surpassed them.  Super grateful with the way God has continued to use me and bless the works of my hands.

I think I was bolder this year, I made more bold decisions and choices, I had the power to let go, I had the courage to risk and try out stuff, I said yes more than I said no. In fact, it has been my year of YES.

YES, to a relationship, yes to challenging tasks and opportunities, yes to adventure, yes to spending the rest of my life with the love of my life, yes to learning, yes to new friendships, yes to making memories of a lifetime.

Last month I went on a bae-cation to the United Arab Emirates. My fiancé interested me in experiencing the first-world life and in for the 4-day adventure.

Day 1

Had an amazing Dubai city tour, Burj Khalifa and fountain show

Dubai Marina
Jumeirah beach
Jumeirah beach
Jumeirah Beach
At the top of Burj Khalifa
At the top of Burj Khalifa

Day 2

We went to Abu Dhabi on this day which was our favourite of the entire trip. We were so adventurous. While there we went to Ferrari world where we did the world’s most dangerous roller-coaster. It was such an overwhelming experience that I cried on this roller coaster.

Ferrari World
Ferrari World
Ferrari World

On top of this most dangerous roller coaster in the world, my fiancé also went for the world’s fastest roller coaster.

Ferrari World

From here we had an Abu Dhabi city tour, I loved this city because it is chilled and so calm.

Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Market
Presidential Palace view

Lastly, we visited the Sheikh Zayed mosque, this is the 3rd biggest mosque in the Middle East. This mosque has about 30,000 tourists on a daily and is the 2nd biggest tourist attraction in the UAE after the Burj Khalifa. It is so beautiful

Day 3 (The proposal)

On this day we had time to do some shopping in the morning and then get ready for dinner in the sky later.


Before we even went for this trip, my fiancé told me how his friend requested him to help him buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend while in Dubai. So ring shopping was on our itinerary for day 3.

Me trying out rings so that when it is our turn to get married I can just call this shop and ask them to ship the rings

We entered this gold and diamond shop where he asked me to help him choose a ring for his friend’s girlfriend. When I asked what kind of personality the friend’s girlfriend is so as to be guided on what to chose for her, he told that they had agreed that they would be happy with our choice of the ring.

So I chose this beautiful and simple white gold ring for her, while they were resizing it, my fiancé asked me to also choose my own rings (engagement & wedding rings) so that when our dates get closer we would just contact this shop and ask them to ship the rings since they had noted our choices of rings and sizes.

I absolutely had no clue that this would be my ring not because I didn’t see commitment with my boyfriend but because we had discussed on when we wanted to get married and it was not that soon for an engagement but that was the only way I to be beautifully surprised.

I loved the days when I referred to him as my boyfriend, I now cherish introducing him as my fiancé and I cannot wait for the days when he will be my husband, I will adore those days even more.

After the day’s shopping, we got ready for dinner in the sky. I stunned at the beauty of everything. I could not wait to be rolled-up 50m into the sky. It is beautiful in the sky. I had my best moments up there.

The music was awesome, the food (not so much), the team was great and everyone else.

When it was time for dessert, they served me a special plate with big circular shaped chocolate and they asked me to break it. I looked around and no one else had their desert yet. I just thought that my fiancé has asked them to give me a chocolate treat since he knows my obsession with chocolate.

But I also realized people’s phones were recording and taking photos, I started getting nervous and when I successfully broke the chocolate, there sat the ring that I had chosen earlier in the day, my love asking if I will marry him, people cheering on and capturing the moment. I said YES and it was magical. I felt butterflies in my stomach, I did not settle the entire evening.

I was happy, startled and nervous at the same time. I could not imagine he successfully got me off guard as he did.

The day was not done yet because friends and family were about to know what had just happened. My phone froze the moment I updated my engagement status. I enjoyed every message and wishes from friends. We sat down and read every message, viewed all the status updates and laughed at some of your hilarious comments and captions.

It was splendid, timeless and unforgettable. No one and nothing can take away this memory

Day 4

This was like the proposal aftermath, my status had changed. I was now someone’s fiancée. I was just getting used to having a ring on my figure, I could not control myself from catching several glimpses of it.  We went shopping at Dubai Mall, got everything we wanted and were on time for the desert safari.

We had a beautiful desert safari trip, the camel rides, the sunset photos, the desert ride.

Later that night we had our last shopping bits, had our last MacDonald, starbucks’ coffee and the next morning we were on our way back home.

I would go back to UAE any day and any time. I came back with 1000 business ideas, I even had thoughts of quitting all my school plans and job to go into business, that is how crazy and awesome UAE is, it holds special memories.

This was the 5th time my fiance was having a holiday in UAE, all travel agency drivers and coordinators knew him well and that is when he knew he was done with UAE but here is a good one, WE CAN HELP YOU PLAN YOUR TRAVEL TO THE UAE anytime.

It has been a full year. I have been a winner throughout and I am looking forward to an even more blissful 2020. I wish you nothing but the same.

Happy 2020!

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  1. I waited for that activity at night and didn’t see anything! So you went to Dubai just to tour nga tewali ke mwekolerawo ekiro? Hahaha!

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