Valentines Day Tribute To Evanz Amanya

Today I celebrate the most genuine and truest love in my life. My realest human being!

The boy who says he loves the sister more than any other person in his life.

The boy who will talk of how amazing the sister is,first thing when he goes anywhere.

The boy who says that the sister’s give away ceremony will be one of the worst days in his life.

The boy who visited me and picked me from school all through out.

The boy who fought for ownership of my bedroom when I was leaving home for campus.

The boy who will practically do anything for me, you are too selfless boy! I notice how you struggle to do things for me and the other people in your life.

This boy will save his little school upkeep to give me because he hears that campus life is hard, yet am way older than him , and even in a better position to get money than he is,,, like how can I even match your heart boy!

Thank you for loving me this much, for believing in me like you do and taking this much pride in me.

Thank you for being my right hand man, growing up, I walked with this boy anywhere and everywhere. There is nothing he didn’t know about me

I know very well that i do not do as much as you do for me…

As for the days when i become assistant mummy. Get serious on you and use your stories against you or

even collaborate with mum is all because I love you way too much (of cos you won’t believe that).

Anyway I would never have known and experienced true love without you, reason I don’t get surprised

that we celebrate you on a day the whole world celebrates love.

Happy birthday my dear,Happy Valentines,,

I wish you the best on your new level that you are yet to start



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