You Matter

All the departments at the church I go to decided to make the most out of this year’s Liberation day.  The Media team in particular had always looked for such a gap for two years without success until January 26.

In fact from the hype and preparations, it was visible that everyone needed the day. We needed time off the cameras, media uniform, mixers and graphics presentation and all production in general.


Meeting the beach dress code was a requirement which people did without disappointing. Every aspect of the day blended together and the entire day was short of nothing but fun.

One thing that stood out for me (which is my reason for sharing this) was the cake, besides the taste of this cake; it was iced with this year’s church theme “You matter” and a picture of a microphone. (failed to get a close up picture of the beautiful cake)

The message the organizers intended to send to each one of us was that our contribution, our presence to the church media, however small it is, counts.

Every bit of this word had an effect on me and I guess to the rest of the crew that paid attention to it. But I also thought of how much impact this same word would have on me if I applied it to every other area of my life.

We constantly need to re-echo on how much we matter in our families, school, work places among others and most importantly to know that we matter to God.

This is basically a positive attitude that we need each day. It gives so much countenance, confidence, hope and esteem.

I hope you think about it

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People in the pictures:Watoto church media team

Photos by: I, Smith, Maynard and Ezra

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